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BrandTech Scientific Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispenser

Found In: Liquid Handling

NEW! The Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers build on the 50 year history of BRAND dispensing expertise. Continual upgrades makes this the safest and

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. QX 200 Droplet Digital PCR System, IVD

Found In: PCR / Thermal Cyclers

Medical practitioners in Europe can use Bio-Rad’s CE-IVD marked QX200 Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) System, IVD.

Thermo Scientific MSIA Microcolumns

Found In: Liquid Handling

Next generation large molecule bio-analysis made easier by combining the Thermo Scientific™ innovative MSIA™ technology with Tecan.

Tecan Freedom EVO Series

Found In: Liquid Handling

Unlimited options, individual solutions - one reliable platform

Thermo Fisher Scientific SureCast Gel Handcast System

Found In: Gel Electrophoresis

Pour your own polyacrylamide mini gels easily and confidently with the Invitrogen™ SureCast™ Gel Handcast System.

Cleaver Scientific Ltd DGGE Package

Found In: Gel Electrophoresis

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) is an important technique used in the search for mutations and DNA polymorphisms critical in genetic

PerkinElmer Operetta CLS High-Content Analysis System

Found In: Imaging Systems

At the core of the Operetta CLS™ high-content analysis system is a new light path that ensures efficient excitation of your samples


Found In: Microplate Readers

Never worry about what dichroic or filter is installed in your PHERAstar FSX.

Porvair Sciences Krystal Series Clear Bottom Plates

Found In: Microplates

Porvair Krystal series clear bottom plates are now recognised as industry-leading tools for Pharma drug discovery and screening.

Integra Biosciences VIAFLO ASSIST

Found In: Pipettes , Liquid Handling

VIAFLO ASSIST - Your personal pipetting assistant - Automate your multichannel pipettes!

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