HPLC Autosamplers are capable of injecting samples continuously. Some autoinjectors are capable of providing sample preparation prior to injection. Autosamplers are very mechanical with lots of moving parts and typically require service and maintenance at regular intervals in response to the number of injections made.

Gilson GX-271 ASPEC

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The single probe GX-271 ASPEC uses positive pressure elution to automate solid phase extraction with the added capability of injecting

Buck Scientific HTA-3100

The HTA-3100 Auto sampler is a 15 position liquid auto sampler that can inject into one or two injection ports sequentially. The 3100 also has six

Hamilton Company Syringe for Spark Holland Autosampler

The world-famous Hamilton syringe is now available for your Spark Holland Autosampler! Featuring a rugged polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plunger tip

Hamilton Company HPLC Autosampler Syringes

Hamilton maintains a large catalog of replacement syringes for the most popular HPLC autosamplers. Our syringes are handmade with an unmatched

Hamilton Company CTC PAL Autosampler Syringes

Hamilton Company manufactures a complete range of quality syringe options for the CTC/Leap PAL and the CTC/Leap A200S HPLC Autosampler.    

PIKE Technologies AutoDiff

The AutoDiff is a high performance, automated diffuse reflectance accessory developed to analyze multiple samples with minimal user intervention.

Cilas Particle Size Autosampler LD

The Cilas Autosampler LD uses an innovative design which allows the analysis of your liquid and dry samples in the same batch. The autosampler can be

Varian 9300

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Varian 9095

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Buck Scientific Spark Holland Optimas HPLC Autosampler (84 position)

Learn more about the OPTIMAS optimizing your injection automation, using reliable injection technology, with a carousel holder for sample vial

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