Glas-Col 12 Channel Data Logger

12 Channel T/C Monitor  The New desktop data logger is a 12 channel thermocouple instrument with full color LCD display. All 12 channels are

CSS Analytical Agilent Chemstation Data System Upgrades for Windows 7

The CSS Analytical Co Inc. Eighty-X Win7(c) Upgrade is fully developed and available for immediate sale.

CSS Analytical Data System Upgrades

CSS Analytical Eighty-X PX (c) for all of your Hewlett-Packard, HP and Agilent GC Mass Spectrometer Systems.

Physitemp THERMES WFi

The THERMES USB WFI is a Type T Thermocouple data acquisition system with a secure 2.4GHz wireless link to its host computer at a distance of up to


Physitemp’s original Thermes high accuracy ISA based data acquisition system has been redesigned to create a more versatile USB model. The new system

TTP LabTech Acumen eX3

The Acumen eX3 performs cell-based screening using up to three lasers (at 405, 488 and 633 nm) and simultaneous four colour detection for each laser

T&D Corporation RTR-500DC

The RTR-500DC is a user-friendly wireless communication Data Collector designed for hand-held portability.

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Thermal paper

Does anyone know a source for the thermal paper for this integrator and where I can get an operations manual or quick reference card?

Changing Print head

Hello, I am trying to change the print head on our hp 3392A integrator. We have the part but cannot access a service manual for instructions, can you...


I need paper for HP 3392A Could i buy from you some?

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