Microtrac PartAn Mini

The PartAn Mini is a fine particle size and shape analyzer.

Microtrac PartAn SI PRO

The PartAn SI PRO is an online wet dispersion particle size and shape analyzer that can be integrated into any process loop.

Microtrac PartAn 3-D PRO

The PartAn3D PRO is an online 3-D particle size and shape analyzer that can be integrated into any process loop.

Microtrac PartAn 3-D Maxi PRO Online

The PartAn3D Maxi PRO is an online large particle size and shape analyzer that is used for process control.

Microtrac PartAn 3-D Maxi

The PartAn3D Maxi measures the size and shape of large particles with the added benefit of 3-D analysis.

Cilas Particle Size Nano DS

The NEW Cilas Nano DS combines dynamic light scattering and static light scattering measurement in a single optical system.

Beckman Coulter DelsaMax Series

The new DelsaMax™ Series offers incredible speed, precision and reliability, allowing for an unprecedented advancement in your nanoparticle

Series Models: DelsaMax PRO, DelsaMax CORE

Microtrac Nanotrac Wave Q

Nanoparticle size analyzer with cuvette sample cell

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Error Message

There is a "lift error 5" popping up on the screen when running a control or cleaner through the machine. How do I fix this?


We have LS 230 PARTICLE SIZE ANALYZER in our lab. Which kind of RS-232 cable is required for this instrument and computer connection? NULL MODEM...

Malvern particle size analysis

Dear sir, During analysis of API in Liquid paraffin dispersant am getting M shape in between 1-100. Please can you guide to me how to resolve...

stuck on re-initializing metering pump

Hi there, Our multisizer 3 has been sitting unused for a few months. When trying to reconnect to the computer, the program comes up, we hit "...

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