ESPEC Anaerobic (Inert) Ovens

Purging with non-oxidizing gas keeps oxygen levels low

Series Models: IPH-202, IPHH-202

ESPEC Standard Industrial Ovens

Ovens with high temperatures of 200, 300, 500 or 700°C

ESPEC Drive-In Chambers

Custom Systems for Vehicle Testing

Series Models: EWPX2317-30NW, EWPX3605-30NW, EDPX4005-30NW, EDPX6230-30NW

ESPEC Solid Walk-in Chambers

One-piece chamber construction for durability

Series Models: EWS183, EWS364, EWS499

ESPEC Stability Walk-in Chambers

Especially designed for steady-state operation

Series Models: ESPB364, ESPB499, ESPB634, ESPB770, ESPB904, ESPB1040

ESPEC TSB Liquid Thermal Shock Chambers

Significant reductions in fluid usage make liquid thermal shock affordable

Series Models: TSB-21, TSB-51

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Questions for Environmental Chambers

Interior Corner Radius

What is the internal corner radius on Model BTL-433?

Is it able to display in Fahrenheite ?

If there a feature where it will display the temp in Fahrenheite? 


instruction manual?

Input Voltage

In your documentation you state: Both single phase and 3 phase power. Do you mean either single phase or 3 phase power?

570i controller

Hi, I have two chambers a Z-8 PLUS and a Z-64. I also have the CSZ EZ-View on my computer. When I create a profile and download it to the Z-64, it...

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