A new and unique mini bioreactor system and the optimal tool for advanced cell culture process development and Design of Experiments (DoE) application

Series Models: DASbox Cell Culture, DASbox Microbiology, DASbox Single-Use

B. Braun Biotech Fermentor System

The Biostat C is a compact, laboratory scale fermenter with in-situ sterilizable 10 litres culture vessel.

Cole-Parmer Wave Biotech

Fully-automated sterile tubing fuser aseptically connects both Masterflex pump tubing and general purpose transfer tubing from 1/4” to 7/8” OD.

Parr Instrument Company Hydrogenation Apparatus

Parr Shaker type hydrogenators provide compact and easily operated systems for treating chemicals with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst.

TA Instruments BioDynamic 5200

Multi-specimen Mechanical Stimulation Bioreactors Reproducible results from a high throughput, yet highly flexible mechanical stimulation bioreactor.

TA Instruments BioDynamic 5100

TA ElectroForce® BioDynamic® test instruments provide accurate mechanical stimulation and characterization characterization of biomaterials and

Distek BIOne – Single-Use Bioreactor System

Distek Inc. has developed a benchtop scale single-use bioreactor (SUB) system for mammalian cell growth and recombinant protein production.


New Brunswick’s CelliGen® BLU cell culture bioreactor combines single-use technology with the trusted performance and true scalability of a

Sartorius ambr® 15 bioreactor system with Nova BioProfile® FLEX2 integration

The ambr® 15 automated micro bioreactor system combined with a Nova Biomedical (Nova) BioProfile® FLEX2 automated cell culture analyzer enables fully

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Cleaning Detergent

Hello,  Any cleaning detergent recomended soft soap for hand wash? thanks  

E.coli growing

Hello,  Does anybody have a e.coli protocol to grow in a 2.5L fermentor? Thank you  


Good Morning, Does anybody have a cleaning protocol using CIP100?Thank you

Broken LCD display and backlight New Brunswick Bioflo 110

We have a broken LCD display on the PCU M1273-3101 and wondering if anyone knows if the display can be replaced?  The manufacturer no longer...


  I am in the process of developing and executing an IQOQ for a new WAVE 25 system.  Has anyone performed their own IQOQ on the WAVE 25...

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