Lab-Line 3525

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Lab Line 3525 Incubator Shaker

Yamato Scientific America IC 600

The Yamato Model features the HiTEC® IV FR Type 1 microprocessor PID temperature controller for accurate and stable temperature control.

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Replacement Fan Motor for Lab line 3525

The Fasco # 7163-4522 type 63 is no longer crossing over to a replacement number.   Any help for a possible replacement source would be...


Does it accomodate 96well plate of 1ml capacity? Does it accomodate 96well plate of 2ml capacity? Does it accomodate 2ml eppendorf...

User Manual

Hi, Would you be able to send me the user manual of the equipment Blue M Model 200A by email? Thank you, Suanilid  

Control/safety thermostat

I am search of the control and safety thermostat part number/availability

Preventive Maintenance Interval

We use your equipment and would like to know the recommended preventive maintenance frequency. Model: 200A

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