Life Science

Titertek Instruments Multidrop 384

Found In: Microplate Dispensers

Thermo LabSystems Titertek Multidrop 384 832 Microplate Dispenser

Thermo EC EC105

Found In: Capillary Electrophoresis

Thermo Scientific Owl EC-105 Compact Power Supply is ideal for DNA and RNA electrophoresis.

Hoefer SE400 Series

Found In: Gel Electrophoresis

Hoefer The Sturdier Vertical Gel Slab SE 400 Electrophoresis

Hoefer SE600 Series

Found In: Gel Electrophoresis

Standard dual cooled gel electrophoresis unit.

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spot all over

HI, We have a UVP imager and I got spots all over my picture on my western blot and around it, even when I take a picture with nothing I get...

Veriti 96

We receive the following error, wondering if anyone knows a fix without sending it out? Error Number: 0x8013 Data: 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00 This...

Crash & Unresponsive Mid-Run

Happens infrequently, but when running samples in 96 well format, the guava/incyte software stops and will draw up all of the volume in the well...


I have a Bio Rad T100 and  got an error codes ID0300- Hazard error aborted run at step 1, Repeat 1 and  ID0309- Zones heating...

t2 sensor error

Hii have mastercycler 5331after the lid temperature reach to the 105 degrees and the block temperature reach to the set point the T2 sensor appear i...

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