Agilent Technologies ZORBAX

ZORBAX columns are available in multiple particle sizes, phases, lengths and IDs for over 1,000 configurations, giving scalability and transferability

Thermo Scientific Accucore

Based on Core Enhanced Technology, our Accucore™ HPLC columns provide the ultimate in chromatographic performance at low backpressures

Series Models: C8

Dionex IonPac® CS19

Also found In: Ion Chromatography ,

High-Capacity Cation-Exchange Column for the Separation of Polar Amines

Hamilton Robotics Cation Exchange

Seven polymeric column packings for separation of inorganic and organic cations, glyphosate, organic acids, and sugars.

Waters Symmetry Columns

These columns are engineered with high purity raw materials, tightly controlled manufacturing processes and column packing procedures that provide

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Questions for HPLC Columns

Organics acids

I'm looking for resins to fix volatils fatty acids from c2 to c6 and a container for the resin. Do you have specific solutions for this...

GPC Columns

What is the difference iin Styragel and Ultra Styragel GPC columns?

re: Can this columns be reused?

Can this Bio-Rad poly-prep prefilled chromatography columns ( AG 1-X8 resin) be reused? If it does, how to regenerate and store the resin?

Reviews on Ascentis Express Columns

I am very interested in using this column to shorten a 70 minute, stability indicating isocratic assay. The plan is to use the...

Yarra SEC-3000 compatibility with methanol

Hi I have a 'Yarra 3000 SEC'. It was working very fine, giving nice shape peaks. I left it in 100% methanol overnight. In the morning, I...

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