HORIBA FluoroMax Series

The FluoroMax is a compact spectrofluorometer from HORIBA Scientific, yet it offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations.

HORIBA Fluorolog®

The Fluorolog®-3 spectrofluorometer is the ultimate in modular research system, designed to perform analyses over the ultraviolet and visible regions

HORIBA Fluorolog Extreme

The Fluorolog Extreme seamlessly combines our fluorometers with the high intensity and broad wavelength range of the supercontinuum lasers made by NKT


The world’s only CCD-based benchtop spectrofluorometer with a built-in UV-VIS spectrophotometer.    HORIBA Scientific combined the

HORIBA DeltaTime

The DeltaTime TCSPC lifetime plug-in offers acquisition speed, flexibility, and affordability unavailable in any other hybrid fluorescence solution av

Series Models: DeltaPro-DD, DeltaPro-NL


he DeltaPro has taken the complexity of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and made it simple and affordable so that any lab can exploit..


Time-resolved fluorescence microscopy is the ultimate tool to study dynamic events in cellular structures and nanomaterials.

HORIBA Aqualog®

The only simultaneous absorbance and fluorescence system for water quality analysis!. Aqualog now offers new deep UV absorbance and fluorescence excit

Waters 2475 Fluorescence (FLR) Detector

The Waters 2475 Fluorescence (FLR) Detector offers unsurpassed sensitivity for quantifying low concentrations of target compounds, whether naturally


Model FP-920 intelligent spectrofluorometric detector offers a highest sensitivity, in terms of signal-to-noise ratio of S/N=320 for water Raman peak

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Communication of RF-20A with Clarity

Hi, I have problem in communication of Shimadzu fluorescence detector RF-20A with Clarity software version 7.3 using a colibrick module. Can any...

Xenon Lamp

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to enquire about Xenon lamp for fluorescence detector Shimadzu RF-20A. What is your current list price for this...

FP 2020 Jasco and 1100 Agilent pump

To whom its may concern I need to use the fluorimeter detector Jasco FP 2020 to an HPLC Agilent 1100. Have you any tips? Regards Giacomo...

Manual for lc 240

Any chance you have the manual for the 240 Were a small community college in Melbourne, Florida and have a donated 240 that I'm trying to get...

Waters 2475 Calibration

Unit displayed "Calibration not found", "Method not found" and "PMT not calibrated" error messages. The battery was...

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