SEAL Analytical AutoAnalyzer 3

Found In: Segmented Flow Analyzers

The SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 uses all the advantages of air-segmented flow. With reaction times up to 30 minutes, even complex procedures like

Lachat Instruments QuikChem® 8500 Series 2

Found In: Ion Chromatography , Flow Injection Analyzers

Lachat’s QuikChem® 8500 Series 2 Flow Injection Analysis System features high sample throughput and simple but rapid method changeover.

Skalar Analytical SAN++

Found In: Chemistry Analyzers , Elemental Analyzers , Segmented Flow Analyzers

The San++ unit is a automated wet chemistry analyzer featuring over 300 approved methods for water, beer, wine, malt and industrial samples.

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Baseline troubleshooting

Hello,     we are currently using skalar at a remote location, and about two days ago, we are having trouble with the baseline. TCN...

Peak marker not visible

In fertlilizer analysis I am not able to get the peak marker (point in the maximum height of the peak) so my results not coming.Is there any way to...


I'm looking for method SOPs. Hexacrome, cyanide, hardness etc.

Baseline issue

The instrument ran fine for phosphorus on Tuesday. Yesterday we turned it on and the baseline was crazy high (7000% or low -800%). I'm a brand new...

AIA 1800 Alignment of the dispense lane

I recently moved this analyzer to another location, and i'm having issues with realigning the dispense lane to the sorter, can someone assist?

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