Thermo Scientific Samco Fine Tip Transfer Pipets

Thermo Scientific* Samco Fine-Tip Polyethylene Transfer Pipets are ideal for precise, sterile dispensing of small drops into small-volume containers.

Thermo Scientific Samco Extra Long Transfer Pipets

Thermo Scientific* Samco Extra-Long Transfer Pipets are designed for safe and easy sampling from large containers.

Thermo Scientific Samco General-Purpose Transfer Pipets

Thermo Scientific* Samco General-Purpose Transfer Pipets include a built-in pipet bulb that eliminates need for plugging, packaging and autoclaving; p

Thermo Scientific PocketTip D.A.R.T.

With Thermo Scientific* PocketTip D.A.R.T.'S, achieve lower volume transfer capability of 50-250µL.

Thermo Scientific PocketTips.

Thermo Scientific* PocketTips feature a unique capillary pocket within the tip's internal surface to deliver nanoliter amounts of a sample.

Thermo Scientific Nunc Movette Pipets

Thermo Scientific* Nunc Movettes for semi-quantitative liquid handling.

Thermo Scientific MSIA Pipette Tips

Thermo Scientific* MSIA Tips are the next generation immunoaffinity approach that simplify peptide/protein enrichment for downstream quantification

Thermo Scientific Hybrid Tips

Thermo Scientific* Hybrid Tips provide stable, straight mounting every time.

Thermo Scientific Finntip Flex Pipet Tips

Thermo Scientific* Finntip Flex Pipet Tips ensure a better seal with the pipetter module, for higher accuracy and precision.

Thermo Scientific Finntip Pipet Tips

Thermo Scientific* Finntip pipet tips are manufactured using high quality raw materials and the latest molding techniques.

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Syringues for organic solvents

In our lab we use normal pipettes (50 to 1000 µL) to transfer volumes of organix solvents as isooctane, toluene, MeOH or ACN. Due to...

10ul tips and needles for Starlet, Hamilton

How do I find exact dimensions of 10ul tips and needles? Are 10ul tip thinner then 50ul? please reply to:

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