Myers-Vacuum GPH 320C

The GPH-320C circuit is designed for years of trouble-free operation. There are no short-lived components to replace.

Myers-Vacuum GTC-395

The GTC-395 thermocouple vacuum gauge is a microprocessor controlled single station thermocouple type gauge controller housed in a 1/8th DIN case.

Myers-Vacuum GTC-390

The GTC-390 thermocouple vacuum gauge is a dual station thermal conductivity type gauge and controller housed in a DIN-style case.

Myers-Vacuum GTC-365

The GTC-365 is a portable, battery powered thermocouple vacuum gauge which is supplied complete with 1.5 volt “D” cell battery, type GTC-036...

Myers-Vacuum GTC 361

Thermocouple gauges are widely used on systems operating in the 1X10-3 Torr to atmosphere range to indicate the pressure in such applications as...

Myers-Vacuum GT-430

The 430 THERMISTOR GAUGE reads from atmosphere to 1 X 10-3 Torr plus Trend SensingTM, a unique feature that allows the user to see which direction...

Myers-Vacuum GT-340 Series

The 340 is an electrically powered gauge for use in harsh environments. The rugged electronics are designed for longevity and occasional accidental...

Series Models: GT-340A, GT-345B

VACUUBRAND DVR 2 Cordless Vacuum Gauge

The DVR 2 is a fully electronic, versatile vacuum gauge for the measuring range from atmospheric pressure to 1 mbar. It has an integrated ceramic

VACUUBRAND DCP3000 + VSP3000 Pirani Vacuum Gauge

The DCP 3000 is an electonic vacuum gauge with large illuminated display that presents both analog and digital vacuum values. The brand new VSP 3000

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Teledyne Hastings-Raydist Vacuum Question

I'm looking for a vacuum reference tube for the Teledyne Hastings-Raydist DV-3M based vacuum system.  The DV-3M sensor is obsolete but...

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