Rigaku Progeny X2

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers

Progeny X2™ is a portable, Raman instrument that performs as two instruments in just one platform for enhanced comparative analysis.

Rigaku Progeny ResQ

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers

Progeny™ ResQ™ provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most comprehensive chemical

Shimadzu RF-6000

Found In: Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

Striving for the Ultimate in Accuracy and Easy Operability

Rigaku CT Lab GX series

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

Stationary sample, high-speed X-ray CT scanner. Computed tomography (CT) for materials science

CRAIC Technologies FLEX™

Found In: Microspectrometers

FLEX is designed as a multi-functional yet economical solution for spectroscopy, imaging and other physical characteristics of microscopic

PerkinElmer Frontier NIR Spectrometers

Found In: NIR Spectrophotometers

Frontier™ FT-NIR system, from research, materials testing and academia

PerkinElmer DSC-Raman Hyphenation

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers , Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Two complimentary techniques that when combined provide greater insight into material changes of polymers and pharmaceuticals at a molecular level

Malvern Panalytical 3rd generation Empyrean

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

With the 3rd generation Empyrean, Malvern Panalytical has now redefined the concept of a multipurpose diffractometer: our newly designed MultiCore

Anton Paar Primux 100 micro

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

The brilliant X-ray source for up-to-date X-ray analysis

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