OI Analytical FBA 5320

Found In: GC Systems

The OI Analytical FBA 5320 is a laboratory fluorinated by-products analyzer (FBA) designed to quantify total fluorinated contaminants in samples from


Found In: GC Detectors

Use the Fibretherm to analyze 12 fiber samples simultaneously, increasing sample throughput, reducing chemical usage, and saving money.

OI Analytical BTEX Analysis System

Found In: GC Systems

OI Analytical continues to provide complete GC-based solutions for numerous analytical applications. We offer preconfigured systems for Benzene,

OI Analytical Classic Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation

Found In: GC Detectors

Save benchtop space with Gerhardt's Classic Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation System, a reliable method for manual nitrogen determination.

OI Analytical Classic Digestion Apparatus

Found In: GC Detectors

Gerhardt’s traditional manual Kjeldahl apparatus offers a serial heating unit with 6 individually adjustable heaters that can be used with 50-, 100-,

OI Analytical Classic Soxhlet Apparatus

Found In: GC Detectors

The Classic Soxhlet Apparatus is C. Gerhardt's traditional apparatus for determining fat content in food and feeds using the Soxhlet method. Its

OI Analytical Classic Acid Hydrolysis Apparatus

Found In: GC Detectors

Use Gerhardt's Classic Acid Hydrolysis Apparatus as a traditional, yet reliable method for determining fat through HCI hydrolysis.

OI Analytical CHROM-LINK

Found In: Interface (GC)

CHROM-LINK is a complete instrument control and monitoring data acquisition system dedicated to a single MINICAMS monitor.

OI Analytical 5390 Tandem PID/XSDv

Found In: GC Detectors

The Model 5390 Tandem PID/XSD is a patented tandem detector configuration incorporating the popular 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID) and the 5360

OI Analytical 5390 Tandem PID/XSD

Found In: GC Detectors

This patented tandem detector offers the production of two gas chromatograph (GC) detectors, the 4430 PID and 5360 XSD, in one efficient package. Its

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