PerkinElmer 1310

Automatic-recording, double-beam, optical null instrument which features microprocessor-controlled abscissa functions, a DC wedge/pen servo mechanism

Buck Scientific M530

The Buck Scientific Model 530 IR Spectrometer is an update to the Model 500.

Foxboro MIRAN 1a-CVF

This is a variable filter infrared analyzer designed for total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) analysis. Prior to analysis, the sample requires

Thermo Scientific Delta Ray

Delta Ray™ Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer (IRIS)

Buck Scientific M500

Quick-Scan Infrared Spectrophotometer softwear

Digilab U3310

DigiLab Hitachi U3310 Spectrophotometer

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cuanto vale $$$$

20D+ digital spectrophotometer Milton Roy 333183 manual

My manual got wet in the lab and the pages stuck together.  Where can i get a copy of one?

how to use

hello. we have a milton roy d20 from before years but we havent its catalog. can help me to know how to use it?

milton roy company spectronic 20d

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Mohammed Abdel-Fattah from Assiut co. for Water and Waste Water, Egypt.   We have a "milton roy company...

Background scan error

An error occurred whilst initiating the background scan. If the problem persists please robbot PC and restart the instrument.   So...

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