TA Instruments DIL 820 Series

Found In: Dilatometry

High sensitivity optical encoder and vertical design for the most difficult samples.

TA Instruments DIL 820 HT

Found In: Dilatometry

High sensitivity optical encoder joined to two high temperature furnace options.

TA Instruments DIL 806

Found In: Dilatometry

A versatile instrument for thermal expansion and contraction measurements.

TA Instruments DIL 805

Found In: Dilatometry

A family of quenching dilatometers used to study the heat treatment of steel and metal alloys to identify the heating rate...

TA Instruments DIL 801 Single Sample Dilatomer

Found In: Dilatometry

The best value for money for single sample direct measurement for routine evaluation

TA Instruments DIL 802 Differential Dilatometer

Found In: Dilatometry

For highest measurement accuracy, the DIL 802/802L provides a truly differential measurement in a horizontal dilatometer.

TA Instruments Tzero™

Found In: Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Tzero™ is an advanced DSC technology that provides a fundamentally more accurate way of measuring heat flow.

TA Instruments RSA-G2

Found In: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

The new RSA-G2 is the most advanced platform for mechanical analysis of solids. The separate motor and transducer technology of the RSA-G2 insures

TA Instruments Q5000 IR

Found In: Thermogravimetric Analysis

The Q5000 IR has been replaced by the Discovery TGA    The highly automated Q5000 IR is the TGA best suited to meet the most demanding

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For FRP composite

What should be the dimensions / weight of the sample for STA?

power supply furnace impedance error

Recently had a plant wide power outage which caused my equipement to require restart. Seemed to be ok but then got error messages about heater being...

Compression compliance calibration error

I have recently encountered an error with the code 316 defined with the title "Sample is too weak" during the compliance calibration step...


  I request a budget for the acquisition of 1 unit, to be delivered to UTAH - US I request a budget for the acquisition of 1 unit, to be...

Negative Heat Flow DSC

why the heat flow values are negative for all my curves (different heat rate and particle size)obtained by this instrument, can anyone help me how to...

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