Instrument Specialists Inc. TPI-TA

Found In: Thermomechanical Analysis

TPI-TA (Temperature Programmer Interface for TA Instruments DuPont)    New thermal analysis systems that enter the market continue to use

Instrument Specialists Inc. TGA

Found In: Thermogravimetric Analysis

TGA – Thermogravimetric Thermal Analyzer measures weight change as a function of time or temperature. This instrument uses a vertical design which

Instrument Specialists Inc. DTA

Found In: Differential Thermal Analysis

Differential Thermal Analyzer (DTA) measures temperature and heat flow for high temperature applications. The Infinity DTA uses a proven single

Instrument Specialists Inc. TPI-SR

Found In: Software , Thermomechanical Analysis

TPI-SR (Temperature Programmer Interface for Stanton Redcroft, Omnitherm, PL and Rheometrics)            The TPI-SR Controller System

Instrument Specialists Inc. TPI Perkin Elmer DTA 1700 Upgrade

Found In: Differential Thermal Analysis

You can now convert your Perkin Elmer DTA 1700 into a modern thermal analysis instrument running with Windows software. By returning your Perkin

Instrument Specialists Inc. Water Cooling Accessory

Found In: Differential Thermal Analysis

This accessory is a self contained water cooling system and can be used with the TGA or STA. Normally the TGA or STA use tap water to cool the

Instrument Specialists Inc. Differential Scanning Calorimeter Cell - Accessory

Found In: Differential Thermal Analysis

The ISI DSC cell is a cost effective replacement DSC cell that can be used on a variety of TA Instruments and DuPont DSC units. We offer various heat

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Looking for an older version of TA Instruments Thermal Advantage software - Thermal Advantage for 29xx series that is compatible with the SDT-2960...

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Hello, we are having an issue where the reactive gas is collecting inside of the instrument and is not exiting out of the instrument from the exhaust...

The sample temperature does not respond to set temperature

When I set the linear ramp of temperature between 30-600°C, if the sample has a weight loss at about 450-500°C, the sample temperature (and...

Sample Pan Load Error

Hello I am having issues with loading the sample pan for our instrument. I am able to unload the pan just fine, but whenever I click '...

S. P. Zaoutsos

I apply a test procedure in DMA Q800 and the device starts working for a couple of seconds and after that it returns the message "Slide...

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