Leica Microsystems TCS SP8 STED 3X

The Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X super-resolution microscope is based on the STED (STimulated Emission Depletion) principle developed by Nobel Prize

Leica Microsystems motCORR Objectives

The motorized correction collar of the Leica motCORR™ objectives simplifies the workflow by quickly adjusting the objective lenses to varying

Leica Biosystems DCM 3D

Leica´s first dual core 3D measuring microscope to combine confocal and interferometry technology

ZEISS Smartproof 5

Your Integrated Widefield Confocal Microscope for Surface Analysis in Quality Assurance and Quality Control


Your laser scanning microscope with highest sensitivity


Your Compact Confocal Power Pack

ZEISS LSM 800 for Materials

Your Versatile Confocal Microscope for Research and Failure Analysis

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Questions for Confocal Microscopes

A1R MP alignment

Can anyone suggest a way to align the IR laser on the Nikon A1R MP system on a FN1 (upright) frame when you don't have the DS USB camera that the...

jammed phototube changer

The electronic light path changer on the microsocpe is not working, making a grinding noise any solutions?

Price indication

Please esend a price indication for a "standard" setting of DCM 3D to start discussing from. Regards /Jan


I need the drawings of the LiveScan SFC,someone can help me? thank you!  

FRET protocol

Hi - I am looking for a manual to measure acceptor photobleaching FRET by FV1000. Can anyone refer me to such document? Thanks

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