Bruker Optics Hysitron PI 95

The First Full-Fledged Depth-Sensing Indenter Capable of Direct-Observation Nanomechanical Testing Inside a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Bruker Optics Hysitron PI 88

Comprehensive Nanomechanical Test Instrument for SEM and FIB/SEM, Featuring Our Full Suite of Techniques

Bruker Optics PI 85L SEM PicoIndenter

Depth-Sensing Nanomechanical Test Instrument that can be Interfaced with Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

Buehler PetroVue Thin Section Viewer

Easy and convenient to use, the PetroVue thin section viewer provides polarized light, allowing clear viewing of thickness and uniformity of samples

LECO Corporation HD Camera/Monitor System

This system allows users to view and capture images and video directly to the supplied SD card included with the camera—no need for a computer

Physitemp TS-4MP Thermal Microscope Stage

With our TS-4MPER?Thermal Stage, a specimen on a microscope slide or culture dish can be maintained at any temperature between -20°C?and +100°C.

Thermo Scientific Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer

The Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer delivers high-throughput staining capabilities to the busy histology laboratory. With its new intuitive touch-sc

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I would like to get a quote for the Polychrome V, but cannot find the right contact for Europe (Germany).   Thank you very much...

Polychrome V: Problem with Ignition

I have a polychrome V, with the first lampe it was very fine, but after 3 years of usage we have to replace the lampe. I put exactly the same model...

Quote request

I would like to request a quote please? Many thanks  

manual/software for polychrome IV?

Is there a functioning and/or defunct Polychrome IV out there. In great need of a manual or the RS232 controller program for the TILL polychrome IV...


Hi, could you please provide link to the drivers for the device, I lost access to the ones originally provided. Are there also replacement optic...

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