Thermo Scientific Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer

The Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer delivers high-throughput staining capabilities to the busy histology laboratory. With its new intuitive touch-sc

Olympus XLFLUOR340


Series Models: XLFLUOR2X/340, XLFLUOR4X/340

Applied Scientific Instrumentation AV-25000 XY Flat-Top Extended Travel Stage

· Fits Zeiss Axio Observer; models available for Nikon Ti and Leica DMi6    · Travels 250 mm X by 110 mm Y    · Accepts 160 x

DAKO Autostainer Link 48

Reliability and innovation come together in Autostainer Link 48. Our trusted immunohistochemistry stainer is united with revolutionary software and


For 6 years the SceneScope has been the cutting edge of latent fingerprint detection technology.

HORIBA Mini-CrimeScope Advance

Building on the knowledge and expertise of nearly 20 years of Forensic Light Source design, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance incorporates the same ease...

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Questions for Microscope Accessories

Inverting direction in x axis

When the joystic is moved in right direction the pipette moves in left direction and vice versa. I wish to invert the direction. Can you help?


Can you send me a quote for the Polychrome v. Thanks

want to buy till photonics polychrome V monochromator in india

Hi, I am actively trying to find a vendor in india who can supply me a till photonice polychrome V monochromator. I would like to enquire whether...

need new Xenon-lamp

Where do I get a new Xenon-lamp for the polychrome IV/V?

manual/software for polychrome IV?

Is there a functioning and/or defunct Polychrome IV out there. In great need of a manual or the RS232 controller program for the TILL polychrome IV...

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