Applied Biosystems GeneAmp ® PCR System 2700

Designed for basic PCR and cyclesequencing research, the system 2700 is the only thermal cycler that offers a fixed sample block of 96 wells.

Applied Biosystems OpenArray®

The OpenArray® Real-Time PCR Instrument and OpenArray® AccuFill™ System combination can process hundreds to thousands of samples per day

Applied Biosystems GeneAmp PRC System 2400

24-well sample block with heated lid        Temperature range from +4°:C to 96°C        Ramping rate 1°C/s 24-well sample

Applied Biosystems 9800

This product has been discontinued    The Applied Biosystems 9800 Fast Thermal Cycler is an integral component of the Applied Biosystems

Applied Biosystems 2720

This personal-sized 96-well thermal cycler is the ideal instrument for both basic PCR and cycle sequencing applications using 0.2 ml reaction tubes

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