Waters 2535 Quaternary Gradient Module

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The 2535 Quaternary Gradient Module is a four solvent, low pressure mixing gradient pump (up to 50 mL/min) that serves as a solvent delivery device

Teledyne Isco CombiFlash® EZ Prep

Streamline Flash and Preparative HPLC chromatography with a compact, easy-to-operate unit

Teledyne Isco CombiFlash® Rf+

RFID method automation, more fractions, larger screen, higher pressure – all in a smaller package.

Teledyne Isco CombiFlash® Rf+ Lumen™

The smallest Flash system with integrated UV, UV-Vis and ELS detection

Gilson Semipreparative-to-Preparative HPLC System

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Gilson's Semipreparative-to-Preparative HPLC System delivers high performance for scale-up to large-scale HPLC on the same system.

Gilson Preparative HPLC System

The systems's wide flow rate range (from the 333 and 334 Pumps) allows both semipreparative and preparative separations on the same system.

Gilson nLC System

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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler

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The new GX-281 Liquid Handler features a revolutionary solvent delivery system.

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Biotage SP4/SP1 Error on Startup

I have 3 Biotage SP1 with error on startup of the SPX software "Exception: com.biotage.spx.instrumentapi.type.FatalException....."Anyone have an idea...

Windows 10?

Does the instrument and software work with Windows 10?

SP-4 But Dark Grey

I have a dark grey Biotage SP-4 unit. Looking for a manual. This was manufactured just before the blue units with no name. Change in between.

loss of system pressure over time

System primes well but system pressure varies by +/- 300 psi and shortly after gradient initiation ,within 3 to 5 min, pressure precipitously falls...

Hard Drive

Hard Drive failed message

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