Alexanderwerk RFG 150 DA

The RFG 150 DA has been developed by Alexanderwerk as a slip-on attachment to a universal drive motor of the UM series.

Alexanderwerk RFG 250

With these three models, Alexanderwerk offers a staged range of powerful machines for granulation and size reduction of dry or slightly moist materia

Series Models: RFG 250 D, RFG 250 DL, RFG 250 DDL

Conair CF814S

The CF814S granulator is ideal for the processor who has small injection molding machines and wants a lot of value without spending a lot of money.

IMA Pharma Rotolab

The Rotolab is a bench top high shear granulator and single pot processor.


A GEA Niro FSD-Granulator™ is an addition to the GEA Niro FSD™ Fluidized Spray Dryer.

Cumberland C Series

Cumberland's C Series is designed for heavy duty, high capacity granulation.

Series Models: C1000, C1400

GEA Pharma Systems Collette High Shear Mixer Granulators

GEA Pharma Systems - Collette™ has supplied mixer and granulator systems to various industries for more than a century.

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery VHG-G

VHG-G High Shear Granulator is widely used in granulation process of pharmaceutical, food and feed industry because it is high efficient.

Series Models: VHG-G10, VGH-G25

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Good afternoon, I got a p 1/6 granulator and it did not come with electrical, mechanical and parts documentation. Could you please send us the...

Equipment Mainteance Tech

My name is Jay Dickhous with SEL in Lewiston ID, we have a NCM-3 that the bearing on the motor end of the grinder is lost all its grease and is...

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