Alexanderwerk RFG 150 DA

The RFG 150 DA has been developed by Alexanderwerk as a slip-on attachment to a universal drive motor of the UM series.

Alexanderwerk RFG 250

With these three models, Alexanderwerk offers a staged range of powerful machines for granulation and size reduction of dry or slightly moist materia

Series Models: RFG 250 D, RFG 250 DL, RFG 250 DDL

Conair CF814S

The CF814S granulator is ideal for the processor who has small injection molding machines and wants a lot of value without spending a lot of money.

IMA Pharma Rotolab

The Rotolab is a bench top high shear granulator and single pot processor.


A GEA Niro FSD-Granulator™ is an addition to the GEA Niro FSD™ Fluidized Spray Dryer.

Cumberland C Series

Cumberland's C Series is designed for heavy duty, high capacity granulation.

Series Models: C1000, C1400

GEA Pharma Systems Collette High Shear Mixer Granulators

GEA Pharma Systems - Collette™ has supplied mixer and granulator systems to various industries for more than a century.

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery VHG-G

VHG-G High Shear Granulator is widely used in granulation process of pharmaceutical, food and feed industry because it is high efficient.

Series Models: VHG-G10, VGH-G25

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My name is Jay Dickhous with SEL in Lewiston ID, we have a NCM-3 that the bearing on the motor end of the grinder is lost all its grease and is...

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