Affymetrix Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) 3.0

Found In: Software

Chromosome Analysis Suite is a software offering intuitive analysis tailored for cytogenetics.

Sartorius Mark 3 HP Moisture Analyzer

Found In: Moisture Analyzers

The principle of operation of the Mark 3 HP Moisture Analyzer is loss on drying. The instrument finalizes on a programmed rate of weight change.

Sartorius Moisture Meter LMA200

Found In: Moisture Analyzers

Moisture meter LMA200 for the moisture analysis in liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100 &#037.

Sartorius MA100 Infrared Moisture Analyzer

Found In: Moisture Analyzers

The MA100 infrared moisture analyzer combines the highest possible accuracy of an analytical balance and practical application software.

Sartorius MA37 Moisture Analyzer

Found In: Moisture Analyzers

The MA37 is the new Sartorius basic model for moisture determination. It works faster and is easier to use than its predecessor MA35.

Sartorius MA160 Moisture Analyzer

Found In: Moisture Analyzers

The MA160 manages the generated methods professionally and securely and allows them to be transferred to other instruments.

OHAUS Starter 5000

Found In: pH Meters

High Performance Bench Meter for Universal pH Applications

METTLER TOLEDO MS-TS Precision Balances

Found In: Balances

METTLER TOLEDO's MS balances fit the bill. These robust balances incorporate advanced security features so that you know you can trust your results.

Gilson TRILUTION® LH Software

Found In: Software

Simplified drag-and-drop method creation liquid handling software designed for sample preparation and positive-pressure based solid phase extraction.

Gilson Manual GPC Clean-up System

Found In: Sample Preparation - GPC Cleanup

For post extraction clean-up of interfering substances from environmental samples, food products, and animal tissue by Gel Permeation Chromatography

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