Leica Microsystems M205 C

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Combines full apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom and new FusionOptics™ technology Leica M205 C

Leica Microsystems M205 FA

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Combines full apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom and FusionOptics technology Leica M205 FA

Leica Microsystems MacroFluo

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Macro Documentation System for Fluorescence Leica MacroFluo

Leica Microsystems MZ10 F

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Modular Stereomicroscope for High Contrast, Detailed Fluorescent Imaging Leica MZ10 F

Leica Microsystems S8 APO

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Unique Greenough stereo microscope with apochromatic optics provides high optical performance Leica S8 APO

Leica Microsystems HCS A

Found In: Confocal Microscopes

High Content Screening Automation. Amplify the Power of Imaging

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Polychrome V: Problem with Ignition

I have a polychrome V, with the first lampe it was very fine, but after 3 years of usage we have to replace the lampe. I put exactly the same model...

Connection to optogenetics patch cables

Is it possible it to connect to SMA905 or FC/PC connector? Thanks...


I would like to get a quote for the Polychrome V, but cannot find the right contact for Europe (Germany).   Thank you very much...

Fei quanta 200 XT Microscope server Error

Hi, i have a issue in the XT Microscope Server After one weak of shutdown i started the machine and open the software but the software is not...

Need a manual

Need a manual to troubleshoot this instrument.

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