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BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES bScreen LB 991 Label-free Microarray Reader

Found In: Microarray Products

The bScreen is a unique instrument for biomolecular interaction studies. The bScreen LB 991 combines the performance of µArray formats with the

Thermo Fisher Scientific Ion S5

Found In: DNA Sequence Analyzers

The Ion S5™ and Ion S5™ XL systems provide the simplest DNA-to-data workflow for targeted    sequencing with industry-leading speed

Porvair Sciences Krystal 2000

Found In: Microplates

The unique Krystal 2000 plate range from Porvair Sciences has been optimised for luminescence and fluorescence assays. A patented manufacturing

Analytik Jena RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0

Found In: DNA / RNA Purification

The CE-IVD certified RoboGene® HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 is intended for quantification of Hepatitis D Virus RNA in human plasma or serum

Asynt ChilliBlock System

Found In: Microplate Handlers

The modular system is designed for both heating and cooling, the ChilliBlock base easily attaches to most laboratory heating cooling circulators. Its

GE Healthcare Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9

Found In: DNA Sequence Analyzers

The Dharmacon Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 platform greatly simplifies the workflow of permanently knocking out genes by eliminating the time-consuming

BioTek Synergy Neo2 Multi-Mode Reader

Found In: Microplate Readers

Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is designed for speed and ultra high performance, incorporating BioTek’s patented Hybrid

Tecan D300e Digital Dispenser

Found In: Liquid Handling

The Tecan D300e Digital Dispenser offers a simple method for generating enzyme profiles, synergy experiments and dose-response curves.

Sartorius ambr® 15

Found In: Fermenters / Bioreactors

ambr®15 is an automated microscale bioreactor system that replicates classical laboratory scale bioreactors.

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