Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

Lumex Instruments FLUORAT-02-Panorama Spectrofluorometer

FLUORAT-02-Panorama spectrofluorometer is the most sophisticated instrument in the FLUORAT-02 family. It is intended for scientific research,

Arizona Instrument Jerome J505

Hand-held Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy Mercury Vapor Analyzer

PerkinElmer LS 55

The PerkinElmer LS 55 Fluorescence spectrometer offers flexibility, versatility, reliability and ease-of-use. Based on our popular LS-50B, the LS 55

PerkinElmer LS 45

The PerkinElmer LS 45 Fluorescence spectrometer offers versatility, reliability and ease-of-use.

Scinco FluoroMate FS-2

Fluorescent light or Phosphorescence measurement

LJL Biosystems Acquest 384-1536

Also found In: , Microplate Readers

The Acquest is a high performance spectrometer designed by LGL Biosystems specifically for ultra-high throughput screening (UHTS) and assay detection

Photon Technologies International QuantaMaster™

Steady State Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Spectrofluorometers

Series Models: QuantaMaster™ 40, QuantaMaster™ 50, QuantaMaster™ 60, QuantaMaster™ 80

P&P Optica PPO HyperChannel

Hyperspectral spectroscopy builds a hyper-cube of information containing both spatial and spectral data regarding a scene. Typically, such

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program FL.exe not working properly

Dear Sir, after the start of the scam method program is not responding. What to do? Sincerely yours, Andrey Lobanov e-mail:

Post doc

Any one have a manual for the F-2000?

EDX 7000/8000

EDX-7000/8000 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Price? Our laboratory is a mineral testing laborairy.

printer paper for Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

where can we buy  printer paper for Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer? Thanks Huamei

software re-installed, configuration issue

QuantaMaster 400. The issue is the hard drive died, so I had to reinstall the software (FelixGX). When I try to acquire spectra, the results don'...

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