HORIBA SuperHead Fiber Probes

The SuperHead fiber optic probes are a range of high efficiency Raman sensors which enable in situ, non-invasive chemical analysis to be undertaken.


Affordable Bench-top Raman Spectrometer - Best in Class Raman Sensitivity and Software, with Class 1 Laser Safety

HORIBA HE Spectrograph

High efficiency dedicated process Raman analyzer for rugged and robust Raman monitoring.

Anton Paar Cora 5X00

The Transportable Single or Dual-wavelength Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

B&W Tek InnoRam

This Product Has Been Discontinued

JASCO RMP-300 Series

RMP-300 Series Portable Raman Spectrometers

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Questions for Raman Spectrophotometers

How to find out if the laser is working

Hi, I was wondering how can I make sure if the laser is operating properly? Thanks a lot,

software to instrument control and data aquisition

Dears, I need urgently the software Rbase to raman system 2001 785 nm from ocen optics. Can you give a help I can to buy the Rbase for Windows XP...

Portable Raman to support plastic extrusion work

Could the DeltaNu Handheld Raman Probe be used for quick, real-time, on-the-field (pilot plant, manufacturing facilities) monitoring of plastic...

Handheld RAMAN

I appreciate if you can help me with my question that is if the device is capable of performing through non-transparent plastic bags, typically...

Spectral range enhancement

I am using DXRxi with 532 nm laser which allows me to measure Raman spectra in 50 -- 3400 cm^-1 range. How can I increase this range to measure 3600...

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