Aline BioSAXS Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Cells

Custom Protein sample cell designed for Cornell researchers combines improved through put with ease of use.

TTP LabTech Libra2

A balanced approach to your protein-protein interaction analysis

LECO Corporation TruMac® Series

Also found In: Elemental Analyzers ,

Nitrogen/Protein or Carbon/Nitrogen in Macro Organic Samples

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. FlowCAM

Also found In: Particle Size Analyzers , , Digital Microscopes , Microscope Cameras and Imaging

FlowCAM rapidly and automatically measures and characterizes particles using digital imaging and powerful automated pattern recognition software.

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Intra-assay variability

Hi, We are in process of determining which nephelometry machine to utilize for our I would like to understand what is the intra-assay variability...

Oxygen leak test failed

FP628 failed oxygen leak check: Helium leak check passed, all systems check passed; segmental oxygen leak check passed the Combustion and Ballast...

Oxygen leak

Hello,The 628 has a oxygen leak and after taking off the loading head and replacing it with the metal plate. It didn't leak so I think its the...

List of parts, tools

Question- I am breaking down a Truspec in anticipation of getting the space prepped for a TruMac. I have the schematic sheet for the TruMac but...

Information 2304 biosystem

Dear, is the equipment able to measure chemical unfoldings at different emission wavelengths ? Is the excitation wavelength already be defined or...

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