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Scirocco air dispersion unit

Hi, We are looking at acquiring a 'General Purpose' or a 'Small Size' sample trays for a Malvern Scirocco Air Disperssion unit...

sample preparation

Would you please guide me which kinds of solvents can be used for sample preparation to check the size with this machine?

Beckman Coulter Power Processor

1. What is the principle of Beckman Coulter Power Processor? 2. What is the maintenance process of the power processor?  

Want to sell used device

I have a MT5 Mettler Toledo and would like to sell it. Does anyone know how much it cost new and how much it is worth now if it is functioning...

Overtitrated message

running a sample, when adding fresh vessel solution, it gave an "overtitrated" message, and I can't determine why?

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