Clinical Laboratory

Roche 911

Found In: Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Hitachi 911 (now the Roche Hitachi 911) is a computerized chemistry analyzer. It uses plasma, serum, urine, and CSF sample types to execute in

Diatron Abacus Junior 5

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

Abacus junior 5 offers an optimal solution for clinics and physician practices which require high quality 5-part WBC differential results. Thanks to

Medica EasyCell assistant

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

EasyCell assistant uses state-of-the-art image-processing and pattern-recognition technology to automatically locate white cells on a blood smear,

Abbott Diagnostics CELL-DYN Sapphire®

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

The CELL-DYN Sapphire®* is our solution for high volume hematology laboratories. It is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for

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Bonjour Madame Monsieur, Je me présente en tant quétudiant en technologue de laboratoire. Nous sommes actuellement dans un projet de groupe...

what's the role of the mixer?

distributeur indiko plus

Makes a loud noise

During operation unit makes a loud noise. This equipment has reached end-of-life yet I know that someone has parts for it. Any information will be...

loud noise

I have in the lab a Hema-Tek 2000 that makes a loud noise during use. I know this unit is kinda old, yet it serves it purpose. I was looking for a...

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