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Sysmex SF-3000

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

Sysmex SF-3000 is an economical and highly capable hematology analyzer developed by Sysmex Corporation’s capable of giving 23-parameter hematology

Sysmex K-1000

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

Sysmex K-1000, developed by Sysmex Corporation, is an automated hematology analyzer that measures parameters such as WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct, MCV, MCH,

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Makes a loud noise

During operation unit makes a loud noise. This equipment has reached end-of-life yet I know that someone has parts for it. Any information will be...

loud noise

I have in the lab a Hema-Tek 2000 that makes a loud noise during use. I know this unit is kinda old, yet it serves it purpose. I was looking for a...

Microm HM430 replacement brake rubber for lock

I am looking for a part number and possibly the section of the service manual that gives the instructions for replacing the brake rubber on an HM430...

Consumable expiration dates after preparation

I am looking for the expiration outdates for prepared W1, W2, and Clean 1,2,3.


jai un probleme de calibrartion de l'ecran 

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