Partec CyFlow® SL

Portable 3-Colour Flow Cytometry System for Routine and Research Applications

Stratedigm S1000

Stratedigm's S1000 (Up to 4 Lasers, 8 Colors) cutting-edge flow cytometer is built to provide you with the best price/performance in the market. The

Stratedigm S1000Ex

The package is small. The performance isn't.

Series Models: S1000Ex, S1000EXi

BD Biosciences BD FACSAria

From Pioneers to Revolutionaries in Flow Cytometry Instrumentation

BD Biosciences BD FACSCanto II

A proven platform for maximum reliability and the highest quality results

BD Biosciences BD FACSCalibur

The flow cytometer for your routine cell analysis needs

Partec CyFlow® ML

Flexible and Modular, Multilaser 16 | 9 Parameter, High End Flow Cytometer with Cell Sorter Option

Accuri Cytometers C6®

High performance analytical cytometers that match the functionality of the best-selling analytical flow cytometers.

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Questions for Flow Cytometers

Require 2 Machines and also Reagents

Dear Sir We have a requirement for BD BIOSCIENCES. Please send an offer by 6 JULY 2019 IMPORTANT NOTE : Kindly provide the Price for NEW AS...

CS&T Performance check Fails. Optics need adjustement

Does anyone have experience in aligning optics of BD flow cytometers ?  I am trying to align a LSR II. I have the microscope and CAB Beads...

Crash & Unresponsive Mid-Run

Happens infrequently, but when running samples in 96 well format, the guava/incyte software stops and will draw up all of the volume in the well...

Beckman Coulter Cell Lab Quanta SC

Hi,  What is the size of the sample tubing from the MPL to the Quanta SC? This is the small diameter tubing not the sheath tubes.  Thanks...

Quote for the CSampler for AccuriC6

Hello: I am interested in the CSampler for AccuriC6. Would you please send me a quote to Thank you very much! Aizhi

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