Sotax Corporation PF1

Found In: Powder Testing

Powder and granulate tester for flowability characterization.

Sotax Corporation TD1

Found In: Bulk Density Tester

One compact tapped density tester for two testing methods.

Sotax Corporation FT2

Found In: Friability Testers

The easiest choice for compliant friability and abrasion testing.

Sotax Corporation DT2

Found In: Disintegration Tester

Manual tablet disintegration tester with two stations.

Sotax Corporation DT50

Found In: Disintegration Tester

Bathless disintegration apparatus for fast and user-friendly testing.

Sotax Corporation HT100

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

Automatic tablet hardness testing for your laboratory.

Sotax Corporation AT4

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

Robust tablet testing system for IPC and quality control.

Sotax Corporation AT50

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

One for all your tablets. In the lab - or online with your press.

Sotax Corporation ST50

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

World's most flexible semi-automated tablet hardness tester.

Sotax Corporation MT50

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

Robust manual hardness tester for all sizes and materials.

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