Bruker Optics Merlin-G

Found In: Atomic Force Microscopes

Merlin is the global standard in 15nm production mask repair – RAVE nanomachining has become the preferred production technique for ultra-precision

Bruker Optics JVX7300HR

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

The Bruker JVX7300HR is a state of the art X-ray metrology platform for monitoring epi processing at 14nm and above. It incorporates the patented

Bruker Optics JV Sensus

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

X-Ray Diffraction Imaging (XRDI) inspection  The JVSensus is the latest defect metrology system for Si device manufacturers. It helps identify

Bruker Optics DektakXT

Found In: FT-IR Spectrophotometers

Step Up to Ultimate Performance in Stylus Profiling

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we have a Lambda 25. It showed error of initialization failed. Either the beam is blocked or tungstun or D2 lamp needs to be replaced. It turns...

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There are many camera brands in the market available right now but the features provided by the Arlo are unbeatable. The features provided by the...

delete curve

how i can remove pass code for curves

ERROR 9339 & 9303

We are recieveing this error message peak transmission to small. I have good Vis lamp signal but low UV signal. unit will not align.

Varian CARY 5000 not initializing upon startup

I just bought a used CARY 5000 with sphere. Everything seems to work , software etc. but it will not initialize with or w/o DRA accessory on. The...

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