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Analyzer for In-Situ Reaction Monitoring

Agilent Technologies 4300 Handheld FTIR

The 4300 Handheld FTIR is the first of its kind employing lightweight ergonomics, ease of use, ruggedness, and flexibility into one system. The 4300

Agilent Technologies Cary 680 FTIR Spectrometer

This product has been discontinued. The Cary 680 FTIR spectrometer has been discontinued since May 1st, 2014 and is no longer available for purchase.

Agilent Technologies Cary 670 FTIR Spectrometer

The Cary 670 FTIR is only available in conjunction with the Cary 610 or Cary 620 FTIR Microscope systems.             The Agilent Cary

Agilent Technologies Cary 660 FTIR Spectrometer

The Cary 660 FTIR is only available in conjunction with the Cary 610 or Cary 620 FTIR Microscope systems.                The Agilent Cary

Agilent Technologies Cary 630 FTIR Spectrometer

The Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer is versatile, innovative, and intuitive, providing superior quantitative and qualitative information for

Shimadzu IRTracer-100

The IRTracer-100 offers high sensitivity with a 60,000:1 S/N ratio.

Shimadzu IRSpirit Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

Space-Efficient with High Expandability  Compact FTIR that travels where it's needed.  For sites with only a narrow space available,

Bruker Corporation Vertex 70/70v

VERTEX 70 series offer unmatched performance and versatility for demanding analytical and research applications.

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Error In System Suitability Check Report

Good Day, When i run the instrument system suitability test, the report shows the message: "return to endstop timed out, Fatal scan...

Looking for an older Perkin Elmer FTIR software

I am looking for Perkin Elmer Spectroscopy software version 5.3.1. for Spectrum 2000 FTIR.  I would like to purchase a copy of it if price is...

actually a 370

all good, laser is fine but the auto align fails when I do the diagnostics. Computer etc all talk well but then will not please

Optical Adjustment using Oscilloscope

Does anyone have an idea of how to use a digital oscilloscope to perform optical adjustment of the Shimadzu IRAffinity-1S?

Monitoring energy

Monitoring energy is flatlined what is the cause?

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