The QuasIR™ 3000 was designed from the ground up to offer the industry a new kind of NIR analysis solution.

Galaxy Scientific QUASIR™ 2000E FT-NIR

Galaxy Scientific’s QuasIR™ 2000E is designed for continuous measurement of the chemical composition of material.

Galaxy Scientific QUASIR™ 2000 FIBER OPTIC FT-NIR

The QuasIR™ 2000 Portable Fiber Optic FT-NIR Infrared Spectrometer was designed from the ground up to offer the industry a new kind of NIR

Galaxy Scientific QUASIR™ 1000 TRANSMISSION FT-NIR

The QuasIR™ 1000 is an NIR analysis solution that brings together portability with unmatched spectroscopic performance.

Sotax Corporation TANDEM IIIA

Automatic Content Uniformity Analysis (NIR)  Regulatory authorities require the accurate analysis of finished pharmaceutical goods to confirm

B&W Tek Sol 2.2A

The Sol™ 2.2A TE Cooled InGaAs array spectrometer features a superior extended InGaAs array detector with unmatched stability and noise

Lumex Instruments InfraLUM® FT-12 Wholegrain

NIR analyzers have become an indispensible tool for the monitoring of production process technology and quality control of food products. The Lumex

Lumex Instruments InfraLUM® FT- 12 WholeGrain

Rapid analysis of grain quality parameters (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content, vitreousness and other parameters of wheat).


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