Anton Paar Cora 5X00

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers

The compact Raman analyzers with single- or dual-wavelength

Bruker Optics Rhazer

Found In: FT-IR Spectrophotometers

Advanced Haze Removal System – RAVE is once again pioneering another breakthrough in advanced equipment technology with the introduction of the

Bruker Optics fp-III

Found In: FT-IR Spectrophotometers

RAVE’s New Advanced Femto-pulse Laser Photomask Repair System  RAVE’s new fp-IIITM laser system is designed to deliver a broad range of mask

Bruker Optics Merlin-G

Found In: Atomic Force Microscopes

Merlin is the global standard in 15nm production mask repair – RAVE nanomachining has become the preferred production technique for ultra-precision

Bruker Optics JVX7300HR

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

The Bruker JVX7300HR is a state of the art X-ray metrology platform for monitoring epi processing at 14nm and above. It incorporates the patented

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Questions for Spectroscopy

Touch Screen not functioning

My Dr 2800 touch screen not responding and machine demanding for full system check. Kindly, advice.

Low counts

Mass calibration resolution is failing with low intensities.

CCE Number

So, I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what the CCE Number is. Apparently you need the number to obtain accurate data from the...

My Pin AAcle 900t de perkin elmer

My Pin AAcle 900t  . say not connected.  and because of that, it doesn't start any analysis.    What can i...

Service Contract

Is there an Instrument Service company (apart from the manufacturer) that can do PM Services & have contracts?This is for the 900Z model.

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