Pharma Test PTZ-S

Found In: Disintegration Tester

Low Cost, Basic Unit, Best Pricing in the Market!

GlenMills Cutting Mill SM 100

Found In: Mills

Used worldwide for industrial, medical waste, domestic waste, plastic, metal, foodstuffs, and biological material    Variety of Hoppers,

Sturtevant Infestroyer®

Found In: Mills and Grinders , Mills

Grain is accelerated by centrifugal force through a single set of whirling rotor pins. Impact in the pin area exposes and destroys hidden infestation

Sturtevant Micronizer®

Found In: Mills and Grinders , Mills

The Sturtevant Micronizer® is a jet mill (fluid energy mill) employing compressed air or gas to produce particles less than one micron. Inside the

ERWEKA TBH 125 series

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

Dual-mode (“Constant Speed” and “Constant Force”) tablet hardness tester offering accuracy, robust design and basic functions.

ERWEKA DT 1610 Series

Found In: Dissolution Testing

Offers advanced intelligence and features for stand-alone operation or for control of complete dissolution offline sampling system.

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