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Roche MagNA Pure LC JE379

Found In: Robotics

The MagNA Pure LC Instrument is a compact table top instrument for rapid, cross-contamination free preparation of nucleic acids

Heraeus Haemofuge 3522

Found In: Centrifuge

The Heraeus Haemofuge is a microprocessor controlled clinical/medical microcentrifuge. It is easy to operate with touch pad keys and digital displays

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Replacement motor for a C76 shaker

Any second sources known for a Fasco motor number 71730277 type U7381

O2 level is reading 11% but set point is at 20% and no N2 is hooked up

My incubator has O2 control (1-21%). I have it set at 20%; however, it is reading 11%. I don't even have the N2 tank hooked up, so I'm...

No display on the screen

Hi,    We bought a HERA cell 150i CO2 incubator, Cat. No. 51026282, in 2010. Recently we found that there was no display (for...

C02 does not calibrate

CO2 level in the screen shows 5%, but when I read the CO2 levels with an external device it shows 9% (Temperature 37 C and 100 % Humidity), I...

Temperature recovery or registry problem

We have a Uxf that is working mad. I mean: we open it one day and ir doesn´t recover the temperature. After 24h the display shows -66ºC...

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