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Heraeus Haemofuge 3522

Found In: Centrifuge

The Heraeus Haemofuge is a microprocessor controlled clinical/medical microcentrifuge. It is easy to operate with touch pad keys and digital displays

Barnstead Maxi-Mix II

Found In: Mixers

Thermolyne Maxi Mix II M37615 Vortexer

Barnstead Maxi-Mix I

Found In: Mixers

Thermolyne Maxi Mix 1 M16715 Vortexer

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eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service...


There is no label on unit or in the manual that tells you how much refrigerant this unit takes. Does anybody know how many oz. this unit or a 2030...

Eppendorf 5804 Not spinning

Hello, I have an eppendorf 5804 that is not spinning. It was reported that it used to start if you gave it a manual spin before starting, but that...

error d6.6

Hellowe sometimes have the d6.6 error that occurs after 1h30 of run but not alwaysrotor sw40 speed 36000rpmwe have done the service of the 2 vacuum...

IQOQ Merck Millipore

Hello everyone, Somebody knows how to execute electronic verification in water system purification according IQ OQ protocols ? tks,

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