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Qiagen Bio 9604

Found In: Robotics

Qiagen Bio 9604 Robotic Liquid Handler

MSE Microcentaur

Found In: Centrifuge

The Micro Centaur Plus is an improved version of the original Micro Centaur, adding new features and accessories. Its space-saving design and

Qiagen BioRobot 3000

Found In: Robotics

Qiagen BioRobot 3000 Robotic Liquid Handler

Taylor Wharton K Series

Found In: Cryogenic

Taylor Wharton K Series Cryostorage System

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Questions for Basic Laboratory

D-6 / D-15 drive errors

Hi - After swapping out rotors a few times, we seem to be stuck on a D-6 and D-15 drive error.  It has happened in the past and was cleared out...

Drive error

Our Beckman Avanti J-25 centrifuge stops working. The machine immediately beeps and "drive" light comes on when we press start.

E32 PCB over temp...

I can not get this unit to run, 30 seconds after the unit is turned on the E32 message shows up.  In the service manual it says to replace the...


There is no label on unit or in the manual that tells you how much refrigerant this unit takes. Does anybody know how many oz. this unit or a 2030...

eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service...

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