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Tomtec Quadra96 SV 320

Found In: Robotics

Tomtec Quadra96 SV 320 Pipette Workstation

VACUUBRAND RC 6 chemistry-HYBRID Vacuum Pump

Found In: Vacuum Pumps

A combination of a two-stage rotary vane pump and a two-stage chemistry diaphragm pump for optimized corrosion resistance.

SANOclav AE-Dry Series

Found In: Autoclaves

For the sterilization in tightened steam

ESPEC Platinous Test Chambers

Found In: Environmental Chambers

In ESPEC Platinous series chambers, you’ll find advanced design solutions that ensure quality: proportional refrigeration, custom molded thermal

So-Low Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Found In: Freezers

So-Low Ultra Low Freezers with Temperature Ranges from -40°C to -85°C.

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UV lamp and Filter

Where can we buy the UV lamp and filter for the laminar flow model SCH-4A2. I appreciate your attention. Sincerely, CARLOS A. MANCO SANCHEZ Director...

error code

will not start

Err "Sys" and "Drive" flashing

Hello  I have two Avanti J25 centrifuges,the old style with the rotary knobs and the led displays, one works fine but the other displays "...


The lid can not be opened. How can I open the door?


Could you provide for this product? what rotors come with?

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