Nikon SMZ-2B

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

A compact stereo microscope for reflected light observation. Configurable with desk mount boom stand or base plate boom stands. Typical factory

Leica MZ16

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Leica Stereo Microscope MZ16 Microscope

Nikon Labophot 2

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Highly adaptable for clinical, biological, industrial,and educational laboratories

Dolan-Jenner Fiber Light 190

Found In: Microscope Accessories

The Fiber-Lite Model 190 serves the microscopy, sensing, and machine vision industries

Dolan-Jenner FIBER LITE 170D

Found In: Microscope Accessories

The Model 170-D is a high intensity, 150 Watt, quartz halogen illuminator packaged in a compact housing.

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