Phenom-World Phenom™

Found In: Electron Microscopes

The Phenom™ is a high-resolution personal desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an optical camera for never-lost navigation.

Nikon Eclipse 90i

Found In: Upright Microscopes

An automated microscope creating new standards in optics, automation, and pure performance.

Nikon Eclipse E200

Found In: Upright Microscopes

A routine or educational microscope featuring renowned Nikon CFI60 optics.

Nikon Eclipse L300N Series

Found In: Upright Microscopes

Featuring Nikon's most advanced microscope optics for unparalleled inspection of the latest wafer types.

Nikon AZ-C1

Found In: Confocal Microscopes

New confocal imaging system for high-definition macro acquisition.

Nikon A1R-A1

Found In: Confocal Microscopes

Confocal imaging advanced by Nikon to levels previously unseen.

Nikon Eclipse L200N Series

Found In: Upright Microscopes

Incorporating CFI60 optics for flawless inspection of 200mm wafers and masks.

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Spectral range enhancement

I am using DXRxi with 532 nm laser which allows me to measure Raman spectra in 50 -- 3400 cm^-1 range. How can I increase this range to measure 3600...

issues with multifocus stacking

Hello, I am a novice with Hirox KH-7700. Recently I had to shoot a few multifocus images. Some of them have a blur sections. Shoud I stack them...

Is a Leica DMIRB suitable for teaching petrographic polarising microscopy?

We have acquired a secondhand Leica DMIRB Type 090-132.102 inverted microscope. Has any one used one of these for petrographic polarized light...

Leica DM2500 objective DIC prism

Can you show me where the DIC prism is fixed in the objective. I know that there are IC prisms in the condenser but are there IC prism in the...

Stage Not Homing

Hello,            I am from Clark Atlanta University. We have an Agilent 8500 FE-SEM . Few days...

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