FEI Company Titan™ G2 80-200 with ChemiSTEM™ Technology

Found In: Electron Microscopes

Material Science, especially recent developments in nanotechnology, requires imaging capabilities down to the atomic level as well as chemical


Found In: Electron Microscopes

The EVO® MA 10 will be the SEM of choice for many users in Materials Analysis

Motic SFC-11

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Lightweight turret stereomicroscope. Three magnification options, unlimited usages.

Tescan TIMA

Found In: Electron Microscopes

The TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer (TIMA), is a fully automated, high throughput, analytical scanning electron microscope.

JEOL JCM-5000 NeoScope

Found In: Electron Microscopes

The JCM-5000 NeoScope economically complements both optical microscopes and traditional SEMs. The NeoScope makes it easy to obtain high magnification

ZEISS Axio Examiner

Found In: Upright Microscopes

The fixed-stage microscopy: tailored to your demands in every detail.

Prior Scientific ZoomMaster™ 65

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Prior's ZoomMaster™65 stereozoom microscope offers a magnification range of 3.5X to 225X at an affordable price and with excellent optical

VWR VistaVision Epifluorescence Microscope

Found In: Upright Microscopes , Fluorescence Microscopes

Ideal for biomedical research, this microscope reveals the presence of fluorescing material with extraordinary sensitivity and with brilliant, sharp

Thomas Scientific Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Found In: Stereo Microscopes

Thomas Stereo Microscopes are for use in lower magnification educational, biological, inspection and life science applications. Standard 10x

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Green fluorescence light

Green fluorescence is dark

Lenses unit" and "scanning unit" errors

Dear admin, Could you please help me how to solve "Lenses unit" and "scanning unit" errors. The software on Tescan...

Polychrome V: Problem with Ignition

I have a polychrome V, with the first lampe it was very fine, but after 3 years of usage we have to replace the lampe. I put exactly the same model...

Connection to optogenetics patch cables

Is it possible it to connect to SMA905 or FC/PC connector? Thanks...


I would like to get a quote for the Polychrome V, but cannot find the right contact for Europe (Germany).   Thank you very much...

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