Tescan VEGA3 LM

Found In: Electron Microscopes

The VEGA3 LM belongs to the VEGA series of scanning electron microscopes with tungsten heated cathode. It is suitable for a wide range of

FEI Company Magellan™ XHR

Found In: Electron Microscopes

The world’s first extreme high-resolution (XHR) SEM

Phenom-World Phenom™

Found In: Electron Microscopes

The Phenom™ is a high-resolution personal desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an optical camera for never-lost navigation.

Nikon Eclipse 90i

Found In: Upright Microscopes

An automated microscope creating new standards in optics, automation, and pure performance.

Nikon Eclipse E200

Found In: Upright Microscopes

A routine or educational microscope featuring renowned Nikon CFI60 optics.

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Imaging quality

Dear Sir/ Madam, I used the Agilent Technology AFM 5500 machine to do surface characterization but the issue I am having currently is the image...

Fiber-optic illumination

I find that the illumination on the KH-1300 is very uneven - off-center, astigmatic and severely vignetted.  This totally compromises any...

Mineral Liberation Analyser (MLA)

Hello! I want to know about Mineral Liberation Analyser (MLA) machine and Price... And how can I buy it?  ...

manual/software for polychrome IV?

Is there a functioning and/or defunct Polychrome IV out there. In great need of a manual or the RS232 controller program for the TILL polychrome IV...

Technical problems

Hello, I am using Agilent Technoligies 5500 AFM microscope (Model: N9451A) and have some problems. It is very complicated to approach the tip to...

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