Found In: Pipette Tips

This pipette tip facilitates the loading of samples onto polyacrylamide gels for DNA sequencing. The GELoader Tip has a 15 mm capillary with a

Corning Life Sciences Pyrex

Found In: Culture/Petri Dishes

Clear culture dishes that will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry). Beaded edges provide greater mechanical strength and reduce capillary

Porvair Sciences Self Standing Centrifuge Tubes

Found In: Centrifuge Tubes

Porvair Sciences has introduced a new range of high grade polypropylene flip cap centrifuge tubes that combine ease of use, chemical resistance and

BrandTech Scientific Plastibrand

Found In: Centrifuge Tubes

New BRAND microcentrifuge tubes fit most common rotors and may be spun up to 20,000 RCF (10,000 RCF for 0.5mL). Manufactured from virgin

BD Biosciences Cell Culture Dishes

Found In: Culture/Petri Dishes

BD Biosciences offers an extensive selection of cell culture dishes

EPPENDORF Combitips advanced

Found In: Pipette Tips

The Eppendorf Combitips have been completely redesigned and optimized so that they are capable of meeting the increased requirements of a modern

Spark Holland Symbiosis Fixed SPE

Found In: Sample Preparation Supplies

Spark Holland's easy introduction to on-line SPE. The Symbiosis™ Fixed SPE system can be connected to any LC, UHPLC and LC-MS configuration.

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Measurement of std with dip cell zen 1002

The specification -42 +/- 4.2 mv applies also in case a different cell is used for ex dip cell ZEN1002 instead of the folded capillary cell described...

Aflatoxins B & G immunoaffinity columns G1068

I want this product how can I cotact with supplier of it ?please help me with more informationbest regards

Quote item DTS1235

We are inserted in buying QTY 2 of this item : DTS1235 Please advise the price and lead-time.

Vacuum Pump Mist Filer elements at a big discount

Does anyone using mass spectrometers with oil sealed vacuum pumps want to find a lower cost supplier of Oil Mist Filter elements? We specialize in...

Beckman Coulter PrepPlus 2 Workstation overall dimensions

To whom it may  concern, I am working on a hospital layout and need to know the overall Width, Depth and Height of Beckman Coulter...

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