Freund-Vector Hi-Coater System

Hi-Coaters® are portable, self-contained systems designed for small laboratory batches all the way up to small production sized pan coating processes.

Freund-Vector VFC Flo-Coater System

Also found In: , Fluid Bed Dryers

Simple-to-use, economical, and designed for maximum processing effectiveness, the VFC Flo-Coater® family is the ideal solution for your needs.

Glatt GC Smart Series

The Glatt Coater GC Smart® with fully perforated drum offers a high level of efficiency, handling and process security at a very attractive price.

Sejong Pharmatech Automatic Tablet Coating System (SFC Series)

By utilizing a HVLP type Spray Gun, the efficiency of the coating is tightly controlled along with air temperatures to ensure even coating.

Series Models: SFC-30, SFC-60, SFC-100, SFC-130, SFC-150, SFC-170, SFC-170D

Bosch Packaging Technology Premier Coater 500

Advanced , automatic coating system with m-tec control technology. Ideal for large size batch production

Glatt GMPC I Mini-Coater

First-class coating for small batch sizes. The perfect laboratory unit for research and development.

O'Hara Technologies Inc. FASTCOAT series

The original Fastcoat series is geared towards the Pharmaceutical Industry with quality, performance, ease of operation and many levels of


Anton Paar Calotest Compact (CAT²c)

Calotest is designed to quickly characterize coating thickness. The CAT²c is widely used for analyzing coatings with thicknesses between 0.1 Μm

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Discharge Chute

What are the specifications of the diffirent discharge chutes that would be used for this machine?

About system

Now i have a problem in the machine. Coating machine didn't work for 4months now there is In The comms status. :OPS Healthy. Is. Failed. System...

Manual of SE JONG SFC-100

Hello how r u doing?i want to ask, how i can get Instruction Manual for SE JONG SFC-100Best RegardsMichel Yalmizian

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