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Bruker Corporation Albira™ Si PET/SPECT/CT System

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In vivo imaging technologies are at the core of advanced preclinical research. Understanding dynamic biological processes, gene expression, enzyme

Bruker Corporation BioSpec 3T Preclinical MRI System

Found In: Imaging Systems

At a translational field of 3 Tesla, the BioSpec 3T extends the range of multi-purpose, preclinical MRI and MRS systems. It bridges the gap between

Bruker Corporation In-Vivo Xtreme II

Found In: Imaging Systems

Bringing a new level of sensitivity, speed and versatility to preclinical imaging, the        In-Vivo Xtreme II offers researchers greater

Bruker Corporation BioSpec 3T PET/MRI

Found In: Imaging Systems

The latest breakthrough in PET detector technology, together with the proven superior soft tissue contrast of translational field strength MRI, are

Bruker Corporation SKYSCAN 1275 Automated microCT

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

The SkyScan1275 is specially designed for fast scanning using new advances in the technology of X-ray sources and efficient flat-panel detectors.

Bruker Corporation InsightMR

Found In: Software

Real-Time Data Analysis and Acquisition Control - the Solution for Process Monitoring

Bruker Corporation BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers

Outstanding performance and design, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) supported by a large touch screen - BRAVO is the dedicated handheld

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Bruker Corporation

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