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Sotax Corporation MultiTest 50

Found In: Hardness Testers

The MultiTest 50 sets new standards in precision and repeatability.

Sotax Corporation SmartTest 50

Found In: Hardness Testers

The SmartTest 50 is capable of testing virtually all tablet shapes and can easily be programmed to meet your individual testing requirements.

Sotax Corporation AutoTest 4

Found In: Hardness Testers

The AutoTest 4 is capable of testing a wider variety of tablets shapes than any other automatic tester on the market.

Sotax Corporation HT 100

Found In: Hardness Testers

The HT 100 automatically measures tablet weight, thickness, width, diameter or length and hardness for different products.

Sotax Corporation DisiTest 50 Automatic

Found In: Disintegration Tester

Using state-of-the-art induction heating technology, the test medium quickly reaches the required temperature within 3-5 minutes.

Sotax Corporation DT 2

Found In: Disintegration Tester

Equipped with an accurate and play-free travel hoist mechanism, the DT 2 is a very user-friendly disintegration tester.

Sotax Corporation FT 2 Friability Tester

Found In: Friability Testers

User-friendly Operation  The FT 2 excels with simple and user-friendly operation: fast “SingleButton™” operation allow for quick

Sotax Corporation TD 1 Tap Density Tester

Found In: Bulk Density Tester

Full compliance with all USP, EP, ASTM and DIN EN ISO requirements one single cylinder station for all measurement methods.

Sotax Corporation PF 1 Powder Flow Tester

Found In: Dissolution Testing

Powder and Granulate Flow Tester  The PF 1 powder flow tester has been specifically designed for standardized testing in full compliance with

Sotax Corporation TANDEM IIIA

Found In: NIR Spectrophotometers

Automatic Content Uniformity Analysis (NIR)  Regulatory authorities require the accurate analysis of finished pharmaceutical goods to confirm

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Sotax Corporation

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