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AMSbio Biotin Labeled Proteins

Found In:

Our exclusive biotinylated protein collection is specially designed to simplify your research.

AMSbio CellMax

Found In: Sample Preparation Supplies

AMSBIO has launched a new standard in control slides for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridisation (ISH).

AMSbio CaMPARI Calcium Indicators

Found In: Immunoassay Systems

CaMPARI, or Calcium Modulated Photoactivatable Ratiometric Integrator is a photoconvertible protein construct, enables imaging of integrated calcium

AMSbio StemFit Stem Cell Culture Media

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

StemFit® is a xeno-free, defined medium proven to effectively maintain Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) and Embryonic Stem (ES) cells under feeder-free

AMSbio MitoXpress Xtra

Found In: Assays

MitoXpress® Xtra – Oxygen Consumption Assay is a highly flexible 96 or 384-well fluorescence plate reader-based approach, for the direct, real-time

AMSbio Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Kit

Found In: PCR Reagents and Kits

AMSBIO now offers the world's first kit to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells into functional myotubes.

AMSbio CometChip®

Found In: Gel Electrophoresis

For High-Throughput Assessment of DNA Damage


Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

BME 2 is a proprietary formulation that has a higher tensile strength than our original BME 1. The Growth Factor Reduced format (BME 2 RGF “organoid

AMSbio Cultrex® HA-R-Spondin1-Fc 293T Cells

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

This cell line is used to produce either purified RSPO1 or RSPO1 conditioned media for use in organoid culture.    Roof plate-specific

AMSbio Cultrex Organoid Harvesting Solution

Found In: Cell Culture Reagents

Organoid cultures exhibit cellular behaviors and morphologies similar to those found in vivo, but the adaptation of such models to study biochemical

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