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UVP Handheld UV Lamps

Found In: Forensic Lab Equipment

Handheld UV Lamps (6 watts) are uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle. Select from longwave, midrange, shortwave or combination

UVP Benchtop UV Incubator

Found In: General Purpose Incubator

Benchtop UV Incubator is designed to provide precise temperature control and uniformity throughout the chamber. Decontaminate chamber with UV

UVP HM-4000 Multidizer Hybridization Oven

Found In: Hybridization Ovens

HM-4000 Multidizer is designed with a variety of motion options - roller, shaker, orbital, rotating - all in one unit.

UVP MultiDoc-It™

Found In: Imaging Systems

The MultiDoc-It™ System connects to your computer for acquisition and documentation of gels and plates. The high resolution Digi camera is

UVP GelDoc-It®TS2

Found In: Imaging Systems

Quick and simple image capture with a touch of the screen!

UVP ChemiDoc-It®2 Imager

Found In:

The ChemiDoc-It2 Imaging System provides a dynamic instrument for capturing picture-perfect chemiluminescent blot and fluorescent gel images. Select

UVP DigiDoc-It®

Found In: Imaging Systems

The DigiDoc-It® System, offering intuitive simplicity and affordability, connects to your computer for acquisition and documentation of gels and

UVP iBox® Spectra™

Found In: Imaging Systems

Fluorescence in vivo small animal imaging research just got easier! Designed for quick screening and image capture, the iBox Spectra includes a high

UVP PhotoDoc-It™

Found In: Imaging Systems

New 14.1 megapixel digital color camera!

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